Pressure Sensitive Seals, best choice for Glass bottles & Jams

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The PS liner is makde of PE foam and pressure sensitive adhesive.

It’s easy to handle, no need special equipment.

It can work for all plastic metal and glass bottles.


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PS Pressure Sensitive Liners

--Printing layer + PS foam + Pressure sensitive adhesive

--No need seal equipment, easy to handle (Sealed to bottle neck after 2 hours pressing)

--For most plastic (PE, PET, PP, PS) , glass and metal containers.

--For solid, colloid, dust and granule material.

--For foods, medicines and cosmetics.

We have rich experience in seal packaging.  Equipping advanced PE foam extruding machines, coating machines, slitting machines, winders, gravure printing machines and liner punching machines, we are able to supply qualified items for oils, medicines, foods, beverages, liquors, pesticides, agro-chemical, and cosmetics, etc.

The seal liner division supplies different liners, aluminium seals, vented seals, peels and aluminium liquor caps and aluminium PVC foil wines caps, and also drum accessories.

Our items are compliant with FDA food standard.

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Detailed information

With the rapid development of high-tech bio-pharmaceutical and medical technology, our company is constantly innovating bottle and Seal Liners design and improving processes. We can also produce new and different products  as customer's requirement. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer after-sale services and  provide excellent products ,perfect,thoughtful and fast transportation. We are confident to be your reliable partner and wish to maintain long-term business relationship with you.

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