One Piece Foil Seals for Plastic and Glass Bottles

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One piece foil seals  are usually used to seal oils, medicines, foods, beverages, liquors,  yoghourt, cosmetics pesticides and agro-chemical.

They can work for most plastic (PE, PET, PP, PS), glass and metal containers.

They are 4 layers or 5 layers laminated, peel off clean or still some remained.

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One Piece Seal Wads

--Seal oils, medicines, foods, beverages, liquors, pesticides, agro-chemical, and cosmetics.

--For most plastic (PE, PET, PP, PS), glass and metal containers.

--Waterproof, moistureproof, leakproof.

--Compliant with FDA food standard.

--Customized printing is available.

--Thickness: 0.2-0.6mm.

The structure of one-piece aluminum foil wad is Sealing layer/aluminum foil/PE foam film/PET printing layer. The sealing layer can be divided into two types: hot sealing and easy to tear.

The aluminum foil wad is inserted into the bottle cap and tightened. The wad seal the bottle mouth by electromagnetic induction sealing device.
Our aluminum foil wad is supplied with PE foam film with excellent buffering elasticity, making the wad more firm, then extend the quality guarantee period of the substances in the bottle.

We have rich experience in seal packaging.  Equipping advanced PE foam extruding machines, coating machines, slitting machines, winders, gravure printing machines and liner punching machines.

We are able to supply qualified items for oils, medicines, foods, beverages, liquors, pesticides, agro-chemical, and cosmetics, etc.

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We control the quality by standardized production, but supply products by personalized customization.

You will get one stop solution on bottles packaging from Taizhou Rimzer.

The solutions start from listening to yours requirements, researching on marketing tendency, professional technology, and tireless upgrading.

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