Why do all the bottles above have seals?

We often encounter a thing, especially milk. When we buy bottled food or medicine from the market, when we open the bottle cap, we often see a silver “sticker” on the mouth of the bottle. In fact, This is what the industry calls an aluminum foil gasket; it mainly plays the role of isolating air, increasing sealing, and protecting the contents of the bottle; but it does not use any adhesive material, so how is it sealed on the bottle mouth? Let me talk to you in detail next.

First of all, it mainly uses a special sealing equipment in the market. It uses an electromagnetic principle to generate a magnetic field line and rely on the heat energy generated during the cutting process to cause a certain physical interaction between the sealing layer of the aluminum foil gasket and the bottle mouth. Changes and allow the molecules to penetrate each other to achieve sealing results; its excellent sealing effect has been widely used in the food and pharmaceutical fields, and it is currently a relatively perfect sealing solution.

Of course, it is impossible to complete this task manually, and if you use glue to stick it, it will not only be unhygienic, but also increase a certain degree of difficulty when consumers open it. The use of aluminum foil gaskets not only achieves an ideal seal effect, and it will not increase the difficulty of opening.

Aluminum foil gaskets are non-toxic and odorless. In addition, they have good antibacterial capabilities. Generally speaking, microorganisms cannot grow on them, so their surfaces are clean, making them often used in food packaging. on the other hand, the aluminum foil gasket is also opaque, so it has a good protective effect on products that are sensitive to sunlight; not only that, when used in product packaging, it is also very important for its easy opening, and Its small strength can also be easily opened by consumers; therefore, it is a high-quality packaging material that integrates beauty, practicality, and ease of use.

Post time: Jan-16-2024