Why Are Aluminum Foil Seals Ablated, and How to Solute This Problem

Aluminum foil gasket is generally composed of packaging materials such as aluminum foil and plastic, and is one of the common food packaging materials. During the sealing process, due to the effect of heat, the gasket is prone to ablation, mainly because of the following reasons:

1. The temperature is too high: the temperature is too high during the sealing process, and the aluminum foil gasket is baked to a burnt state.

2. Uneven pressure: The uneven pressure distribution between the heating plate and the abutment of the heat-sealing machine causes the sealing pad to be subjected to ultra-high temperature locally.

3. The sealing time is too long: the sealing time of the machine is set too long, which causes the gasket to be subjected to high temperature continuously and is eventually ablated.

How to control the ablation phenomenon of the gasket? There are several methods:

1. Adjust the heating temperature: Reasonably adjust the heating temperature to avoid excessive high temperature of the aluminum foil gasket during the sealing process.

2. Adjust the heating time: according to the actual situation, set the appropriate heating time to avoid the sealing time being too long, resulting in ablation of the gasket.

3. Balance the pressure of the heating plate: ensure that the pressure distribution between the machine heating plate and the abutment is balanced, and prevent the sealing pad from being overheated locally.

4. Replace the appropriate gasket: The quality of the gasket will also affect the quality of the seal. Choosing a good quality and suitable gasket can effectively reduce the incidence of ablation. To sum up, in order to solve the problem of ablation of aluminum foil gasket, it is necessary to adjust and control from the aspects of heating temperature, heating time, heating plate pressure and gasket quality. Only by ensuring the stability and rationality of the sealing process can the quality and safety of the product be guaranteed.

Post time: Jul-12-2023