The role of sealing gasket

Plastic sealing gaskets made of PE foam gaskets, EVA gaskets, PVC gaskets, pressure-sensitive sealing gaskets, silicone gaskets, aluminum foil sealing gaskets and other materials. It can be widely used in various industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and oil products. This series of products has good flexibility, strong sealing, non-toxic, odorless, mildew-free and meets health standards.
Bottle cap gasket: Taizhou Lize Rubber and Plastic produces environmentally friendly plastic sealing gaskets such as PE, PS, PVC, EVA, pressure-sensitive sheets, aluminum foil, double lamination, silicone gaskets, etc. It can produce various shapes and specifications according to customer requirements , this series of products has the characteristics of non-toxic and odorless, strong sealing, anti-leakage, and no mildew or deterioration.
Aluminum foil gasket: Specializing in the production of PE, PP, PET, glass and other composite aluminum foil sealing gaskets, suitable for sealing the mouth of packaging containers for food, medicine, cosmetics, oil products and other substances, and can prevent pollution, leakage, anti-theft, etc. Function, it can extend the service life of the product and improve the grade of the product.


Post time: Jun-27-2024