Application scope of aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags: Composite packaging bags are generally made of two or three layers of materials. Our company can match different material structures according to your requirements (such as: OPP, CPP, PE, PET, PP, PVC, aluminized film, Aluminum foil film, coated paper, etc.), production and processing of different specifications
1. Food packaging bag series: food bags, tea bags, milk powder bags, coffee bags, candy bags, etc.
2. Aluminum foil packaging bag series: aluminum foil bags, aluminized bags, paper-aluminum composite bags, vacuum bags, retort bags, folding bags.
Aluminum foil composite film can be used to package food, cosmetics, medicines, etc. to increase the air tightness of the product, reduce the chance of the product being moisture-proof, and make the aroma and shelf life of the product last longer.
PTP aluminum foil can be used for sealed packaging of capsules and tablets. It has the characteristics of oxygen barrier, moisture-proof, good sealing and pollution prevention. It adopts non-peelable heat-seal coating and can be heat-sealed with various plastic substrates. It can do no printing, single-sided printing, double-sided printing, single-color printing, two-color printing, and multi-color printing. Medicinal aluminum foil (PTP aluminum foil) has excellent quality and affordable price.


Post time: Jun-27-2024