Aluminum cover production process

The production process of aluminum caps usually includes the following steps:
Aluminum sheet raw material preparation: Send the aluminum sheet to the preparation workshop for shearing, edge grinding, surface treatment (such as oxidation, electroplating, etc.) and other preparation work
Press hole: Use a hole press machine to press the aluminum sheet out of the shape of the bottle cap. At this time, the bottle cap has basically been formed.
Bottle cap forming: Use a punching machine to punch the punched aluminum sheet into a standard diameter.
Cleaning: Use cleaning equipment to clean the bottle caps to remove surface dirt and dust.

Glue: Form protrusions on the sides of the bottle cap to fit tightly into the bottle neck and prevent sliding. Labeling: According to customer requirements, print patterns or text on the side of the bottle cap Drying: Put the glued bottle cap into the drying equipment to dry the surface coating Cutting: Use a cutting machine or joining machine to cut the bottle cap Cut out the required quantity and shape for packaging: put the cut bottle caps into the container, pack them and ship them

Post time: Jan-23-2024