Soda Lime & Borosilicate Glass Cups

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Glass cups for drink, jam, marmalade and others.

Customized pattern or logo on cups are available.

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Glass Cups

We supply glass cup by soda lime and borosilicate, made by handmade and mouth mlown.

A good glass product must go through the process of hot processing (preform, blowing), annealing (120-180 minutes, stress relief), cold processing

(incising, grinding and baking), and deep processing (engraving, sandblasting, decal, gold decoration and color decoration).

The soda lime cups are pretty glossy and transparent. The borosilicate cups usually with liners like scratch.

The borosilicate cups are lighter but stronger, they will not break like soda lime ones.

The borosilicate cups can work for thermal shock 150℃, but soda lime can work for 75 ℃.

Customized dimension, color and printing are available.


We control the quality  great. The following default is not allowed in our finished products.

1. Whiteness: There is no significant color requirement for exposed glass.

2. Bubbles: A certain number of bubbles with a certain width and length are allowed, however the bubbles that can be punctured by a steel needle are not allowed.

3. Transparent lump: The lump means glass body with uneven melting. For a small than 142ml glass cup, the lump should be no more than one ,and length no longer than 1.0mm.

For glass cup with capacity of 142-284mL, the lump should be no more than one, and length more longer than n 1.5mm, a transparency bumps of 1/3 of the cup body is not allowed.

4. Miscellaneous particles: No more than 1 particle, and the length no longer than 0.5mm.

5.Cup mouth roundness: The difference between its maximum diameter and minimum diameter is no more than 0.7 - 1.0mm.

6. Stripes: It is not allowed by visual inspection at distance of 300mm.

7. Height deviation: The difference between highest height and lowest height sohow not exceed 1.0-1.5mm.

8. Thickness difference of cup mouth: not more than 0.5~0.8mm.

9. Shearing mark: The length is no more than 20-25mm and a width no more than 2.0mm, no more than 1 piece. It should not exceed the bottom of the cup. The one white or shiny, exceeding 3mm is not allowed.

10. Moulding: It is not allowed to have record pattern print, but obvious by flat view.

11. Shrinkage: The unevenness is not allowed obvious by flat view.

12. Scratching and scratching: Scratching is not allowed obvious by flat view.

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