Aluminium Liquor Caps, by Hot Rolling 8011–H32

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Our Aluminium caps made of hot rolling alloy 8011–H14/H32.

They are flat, no rolling marks, scratches or stains, good for printing.

The caps are 0.15-0.30mm according to customers demand, with tolerance 0.1%.

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Aluminiun Liquor Caps

Our Aluminiun Liquor Caps made of hot rolling alloy 8011--H14/H32. They are flat, no rolling marks, And no scratches or stains.

Coated Color Adhesive Force Testing--- By 10+1)N/25 mm transparent tape.

Temperature Testing---The bottles with 75% alcohol, under -24°C and 40°C, 24 hours

Alcohol Resistance ---Put caps in 50% alcohol, 10 minutes.

Sterilization Resistance

a) Pasteurization---Bottles with 75% dyed alcohol, put into 80°C water, 10 minutes.

b) Normal Pressure but Heating--Bottles with 75% dyed alcohol, put into 100°C water, 10 minutes.

c) Pressurized and Heating-- Bottles with water, put into medical pressure cooker, 121°C,10 minutes.

Sealing Testing

a) Will Bottles with 75% dyed alcohol, put into 80°C water, upside down, 8 hours.

b) will Fix caps to high-voltage holding bottles, 800Kpa, 1 Minute.

AVSV (2)

Product characteristics

As part of Rimzer Group, we are professional for bottles packagings. Our products are divided into four divisions. Seal liners, PET Preforms, Drum Accessories and Aluminium Cans.

We control the quality by standardized production, but supply products by personalized customization.

You will get one stop solution on bottles packaging from Taizhou Rimzer.

The solutions start from listening to yours requirements, researching on marketing tendency, professional technology, and tireless upgrading.

The RIMZER is transliteration of Chinese Character "Lize".  In Chinse, "Lize" means try all work to benefit people. It's our core value.

The upper circle of Logo is letter R. It is desgined like the morning sun, with booming vitality. Hope our business will be brilliant like sun.


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