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PET is short of polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic material with wide applications.

1. Good mechanical properties, the impact strength is 3-5 times of other films.

2. Resistant to oil, fat, dilute acid and alkali, and most solvents.

3. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, working well under 70 ℃ to 120 ℃.   The temperature impacts its mechanical properties tiny.

4. Low gas and water vapor permeability.

5. High transparency, good UV blocking and glossiness.

6. Non-toxic and smell less, used directly for food packaging.

Therefore, PET is very suitable for making food bottles, such as oil, water, soft drink and alcoholic beverages.

We have many years professional experience in PET
preforms production. Before producing preforms, we use reasonable temperature to dry pet raw materials.
It will reduce the water content then improves the viscosity IV, meanshile, not increase acetaldehyde AA.

We use PET special screw, with compression ratio 1.6:1, and the length diameter ratio 24:1.

Manipulator + conveyor belt systerm are used to avoid damage to preforms.

There are dozens of preforms for choice, with different diameter and weight.